Set me a seal upon your heart,
As a ring upon your arm;
For love is as strong as death...
Its flashes are flashes of fire,
A flame of the Eternal.

Song of Songs viii 6-7

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Meditation -- Charlemagne and Max

Journal Entry 33
Wednesday 06/23/2004
Around 5:00 p.m.

            In light of all the rare and heartrending events that have taken place this year, it occurred to me that I ought to be meditating more.  So, as daylight turned to dusk, I settled down for the night and put on one of Sylvia Browne’s discs, similar to the one I played back when.
            As I become engrossed in the meditative process, my patio chimes start to ring.  Yet, they are not so much ringing as clanging now.  Is it the wind?  It would seem so, but I don’t bother to check because I’m already immersed in deep breathing.  Then several minutes into my meditation as I follow along with Sylvia’s instructions, I hear not only the chimes but an amazing communication as well.  The words seem to be coming from Charlemagne, my spirit guide.  I can hear him very well.  Not only that, but I am also able to see his pronouncements in my mind’s eye, like so:

Cloud pole 

Smart spirit 

Thanks for coming to help!
            I have no context for these words, except for the phrase “smart spirit”.  Sounds like an entity who thinks quite well of himself.  Or is he, perhaps, referring to the spirit in me?  In any case, I am so in awe of his visit that I prefer to think it’s the former.

            So, I say:         
Hello Charlemagne 

Thank you for coming! 

I wonder if you can tell me how Max is doing

            Spirit response:                                         




            The reference to “Charlie” is interesting in light of Charlemagne’s name.  Nevertheless, these words sound more like something Max would say.  Because of his military training, he often used the NATO phonetic alphabet [1] especially when talking on the phone.  For example, if the other party seemed unable to decipher his words, he’d usually resort to code:  “Alpha” stands for the letter “A”, “Bravo” for “B”, and so on, with a unique code word signifying each letter of the alphabet. 
            Well then, Spirit sent me the words “Echo, Bravo, Charlie.”  If we resort to the NATO phonetic alphabet, these words stand for the letters E, B, and C.  And although these three letters are just one letter away from Max’s old employer’s name, they are not exactly right.  So, at this point, I am unable to determine the meaning of this message.  Yet, I would like to think that Spirit is saying Max is doing great.

            Then, before ending my meditation, I ask my guide the following question:  

Charlemagne, what is my purpose here? 

            No more than a moment later, I receive the following response:        




 Now this is starting to make more sense to me.  I enjoy writing letters and stories, and I hope that my writing will bring sunshine and a sense of hope to others.  My first book, a memoir and family scrapbook, contains a few of the letters Max and I had sent each other, along with our poetry and prose (reference Journal Entry 5).  Though I published that first manuscript not long after Max died, the first several sections contain some (hopefully) comical elements.  Perhaps our humor in this second book will bring a sense of joy and hope as well to readers all over the world.
            This was my first effort at interpreting today’s communications.  Perhaps these messages have other meanings too.  For example, I live in sunny Arizona.  Is “sunshine” a reference to my locale?  With respect to the phrase, “thanks for coming to help,” I wonder how I might possibly be helping; through my writing?  With this means of expression, we are potentially able to reach millions.  Yet, maybe I’m helping in other ways.  I have come to understand that time, as we know it, has no meaning in the spirit world.  Perhaps my “coming to help” resides in some future set of circumstances.  In any event, I have recorded and will retain all the communications I have received, and might as yet receive, in hopes that these connections will come to have even greater meaning over time.  Regardless, the value I have already derived from these mind-blowing encounters truly surpasses all experience!

Post Script 1
            No doubt someone will set forth a plausible question like this:  are you just “hearing” your own thoughts? 
            At times, it is difficult to decipher the words that arise from Spirit versus those I bring to consciousness of my own volition.  However, I find that Spirit words have a distinct murmur and often arrive with a spectacular visual flash.  Most of the time, such words are transmitted in a strident “voice” permitting me to determine the source at once.  At other times, the prominent words, numbers and symbols arrive in motion, as if emerging from a great distance.  With eyes closed, these objects increase in size as they “fly” to the forefront of my visual field.  When this happens, I am generally able to determine the words because the text and background tend to appear in contrasting colors, i.e., red text with a yellow background, dark blue against pink, and so forth.
            Yet I have more difficulty discerning what I call pure thought transmissions.  These are not visual, nor prominent, nor do I perceive any word movement.  However, the thought transmissions I do receive tend to have a murmuring quality which facilitates discernment.  As a rule, I am able to ascertain that a thought has been transmitted from an external source if it is uncommon, eccentric, or even fantastic – a thought I would probably not have entertained – not even in a bizarre dream.
            I feel especially confident that Spirit is sending me a pure thought transmission if some corroborating evidence arrives contiguous in time with the communication, i.e., if something synchronous happens when the transmission occurs.  My journal entry of January 1st offers the ultimate instance of this idea.  My dear husband’s spirit hollered at me, “Pull your socks up, mate!”  In a flash, I knew he had come to console me in his own inimitable way.  And after several attempts at grasping his words, I actually did “receive” his entire communication.  However, despite Max’s characteristically persistent posture during his first appearance, I’d been unable to comprehend the exact meaning of his words.  This is because my mind would never have constructed this strange sentence – an alien concept to me.  Nevertheless, in time I came to learn and understand the true meaning and value of his paternal greeting!
            Along with Max’s heartfelt words on that phenomenal New Year’s Day, came the most astounding thing – his ethereal image that appeared like a hologram in my field of view.  Given my newfound ability to discern, his words had no visual impact.  But his ghostly reflection came just after I heard him say, “Pull your socks up, mate!”  That is, Max’s image arrived contiguous in time to his words.  This synchronicity, the vivid vision of Max along with my mind-blowing auditory experience, solidified the whole encounter forever in my mind, and in my being.  No matter what others might think or say, you reach a point where you just know, and the knowing becomes the cornerstone of your existence.

Post Script 2
            Concerning the phrase, “cloud pole”, I realized while editing this entry that my spirit guide might have been referring to the ramada on my back porch.  The sturdy beams of the ramada hold the wind chimes that rang wildly as I received his communication in time and space.  The ramada columns serve as upright supports; albeit posts rather than round poles, but the idea is similar.  When I think of my home and the cloud pole concept, I think of a ramada beam.  On the other hand, Charlemagne may have been referring to something else.  I encourage spirit sleuths to come up with their own interpretations.
            In retrospect, I think that the “movement words” differ from simple thought transmissions in the intensity of the delivery.  That is, the words I “see” in my mind’s eye seem to be sent with greater force.  As a result, I am able to see them clearly.  Then again, perhaps the deeper I go into meditation, the more I am capable of receiving thought transmissions and seeing words and numbers in motion.  So, is it the sender or the receiver?  Perhaps it is both.

[1]  The NATO phonetic alphabet is formally called the international radiotelephony spelling alphabet.  It is the most widely used spelling alphabet for the intelligibility of voice signals by radio or telephone. “NATO Phonetic Alphabet.” Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. N.p., 29 Aug. 2011. Web. 29 Aug. 2011.


  1. Stay tuned to this blog for my Quantum Physics piece, in light of our encounters with the paranormal since 2003.

    Yours very truly,
    Mandy Berlin

  2. Hey Mandy, it's Carolyn. This is too much! Thanks for sharing it with everybody. Wow, isn't that hard to do? Bless you, hon! Can't wait to read the whole book..