Set me a seal upon your heart,
As a ring upon your arm;
For love is as strong as death...
Its flashes are flashes of fire,
A flame of the Eternal.

Song of Songs viii 6-7

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Thursday, October 21, 2010


Journal Entry
Saturday 10/23/2004
Around 6:45 a.m.

I woke up to discover the “ethereal eye” in the center of my visual field. When I first noticed it, my eyes were closed. Nevertheless, I have seen this eye in the past as recorded in my journal entry of 6/3, for instance. Sometimes the eye “pops up” as I meditate or as I first awaken.

I find this eye to be mystifying and, at times, entertaining. Sometimes it blinks or moves around in my visual field, but mostly, it remains centered with eyes closed. I have been perplexed and often wonder what is causing it to appear. What does it all mean? I do not know. Prior to February, I had never experienced anything like this.


The eye was certainly a new and rather wild discovery for me back in 2004 when my intuitive side first began to open up.

How would you interpret the eye?

My Post Script for this entry will be forthcoming, on or before Halloween. Check back with me then AND SEE............


ETHEREAL EYE - Post Script 1 - Posted on The Feast of All Souls, October 31, 2010

Searching for an answer to my “ethereal eye” encounter, I again broke silence and shared my experience with a few friends. I even discussed it with my work partner, Fred. For a number of years, Fred and I had consulted together on many government projects involving statistical analysis and the technical writing of manuscripts. Along with Steve, our trusty data warehouse guy, we presented our research results to a number of government directors over time.

I found Fred and Steve to be affable, analytical, and work-oriented sorts of fellows. Nevertheless, I also knew that when we weren’t busy blasting out statistical reports, Fred seemed to enjoy talking about non-technical matters and sometimes even topics of a more curious nature. As an all-around guy, he seemed to know a little bit about everything. And so, along with being a friend I could confide in, Fred had become a great source of information for me. For these reasons, I didn’t think it odd to tell him about my eye encounters.

So I told Fred about this vision, and like a seasoned doctor, he nodded as if he had already heard of the eye phenomenon. He said, “I think you’re experiences might be related to the third eye.”

Suddenly, the room began to swirl and something caught in my throat. Though I remembered watching a show about that on TV a long time ago, it was just too creepy. Quickly, I shook my head and changed the subject.

I see now that Fred’s suggestion was just too much for me to deal with back then.

Later on, I talked to another trusted friend on a different angle that had been swirling around my head for weeks on end: maybe Max is sending me signals in the form of an eye. Perhaps I’m receiving images through mental telepathy, i.e., thought forms or pictures from spirit. Is he trying to tell me something important? Like, “Hey, watch yourself!” or “Wait and see what happens next.”

Now it was Tara’s turn to shake her head. “Nah, too far-fetched,” was all she said as she lit another cigarette. She’d been gaining quite a reputation for her right-on reports. On the other hand, she still had to live down her crazy past with that motorcycle papa she married, who by the way, was really a nice guy. However, Tara’s new nickname, Wild Child, stuck. You see, Fred always teased her with it. Soon, everyone in the department was calling her Wild Child.

Honestly, I doubt she cared.

Nevertheless, I was beginning to feel a bit uncomfortable about revealing too much, even to Wild Child. “Oh well, just thought I’d bounce that doozy off you and see where it lands, ha, ha.” I never did let on that I still believed that because of all I’d seen, heard and sensed over the last ten months, Max might be trying to send images to my brain.

Was I overwrought? Well, weary yes, but so much had happened that was unfathomable, at least in human terms. Soon, I was beginning to think that there are absolutely no limitations, in terms of life and death possibility – or even probability. Therefore, nothing I could conceive seemed too strange. As a statistician and research scientist, that was certainly a new stance for me.

Before long, a new madcap question came to mind: is Max attempting to give me more information about his 1993 eye accident? This, in itself, was a hair-raising experience. About seven months after our wedding day and two weeks before Christmas, Max injured his eye. Earlier that morning, he had been designing a fire safety system at his place of business. In the process, he realized he needed some important codes from an engineering notebook, the one he had left in his truck. So he got up and went to the parking lot to retrieve it.

As he walked back to the office, he opened his notebook to search for the necessary codes. Reading and walking, reading and walking… I am sure he was just trying to be efficient. I admired how Max would often devised ways of getting his job done before the due date, and with such high precision. And, for this project, the due date was fast approaching. So, book in hand, he moved quickly and as he glanced up, he ran his eye into the corner of the open rear window of a truck.

Max nearly lost it -- his eye, that is. Minutes later, I received the word. I dashed from my office to his and drove him to his ophthalmologist’s where the staff was waiting kindly to receive him. I felt awful for my husband, in so much pain. I was also worried he might lose his eye. Yet, amazingly following the doctor’s swift treatment and three (very long) nights of moaning, Max’s eye began to heal. In the end, he regained every bit of his sight. From this harrowing experience, Max and I both learned that the healing properties of the human eye are nothing short of extraordinary.

And so, when I first caught a glimpse of the ethereal eye in February of 2004, it occurred to me that this might be a new way – and a new thing – for Max to communicate to me.

One thought follows another. Soon, I began to wonder if that freak eye accident had somehow caused the cancer which spread so insidiously through Max’s body. Is this what he was trying to say by projecting the image of an eye? In 2003, the doctors had found malignant tumors in Max’s neck, head and upper torso. Perhaps, I thought, the cancer had first formed in his eye and then spread to his head and neck. This would be possible if any metal, glass or other window bits remained in his eye, only to travel to other parts of the body. I was aware that malignancies often result from toxicity, i.e., such as the contaminants of metal and glass.

Nevertheless, Wild Child’s unassuming words came to mind. Before long, this idea began to sound far-fetched as well.

Post Script 2

Since those early, probing years, I have come full circle – back to the third eye hypothesis first posed by Fred. I must say, it took close to three years of mind-blowing change to even begin to accept the third eye, not only as a concept but as a way of life; of seeing and sensing things. My eventual breakthrough gained further support from those in the know, intuitively speaking. You see, in 2004 after Max died, I had started meditating a lot to help me relax and sleep. It seems that the frequency and depth of my meditation exercises caused something to virtually bust loose in my head. And I began to connect with spirit in ways I had never considered, or even dreamed possible.

The third eye is characterized as the seat of the soul, the eye of wisdom. In certain spiritual traditions, it refers to the brow chakra or pineal gland located in the center of the cranium. The third eye signifies the higher self, the ego-free part of one’s consciousness. It is associated with visions, clairvoyance (clear vision which is one form of ESP), and precognition. See, for example, Adele Nozedar’s book, The Element Encyclopedia of Secret Signs and Symbols (2008). Readers will also find numerous treatises concerning the third eye on the Internet and in almost any local library.

Friday, October 8, 2010


Journal Entry
Sunday 10/03/2004
Waning Moon
Around noon

I was standing at the sink doing dishes. Suddenly, the floodlight beamed above and I felt an unmistakable pinch at the waist. “Yeow!” I shrieked and jumped back.

Was it just an electrical charge?

About as bright as a blitzkrieg, the light show continued to flicker, pop and flash, gaining in power with every flare. Dazed, I just stood there like a cat gawking at glaring headlights. Then, at last, the floodlight began to normalize and the crazy demonstration sputtered to its end. But even more remarkable than the electric light show was the fact that the bulb never did burn out.

Eventually, I gained my wits about me and realized my hands and legs were shaking. So I left the dishes in the sink. Had to go sit down.


Post Script

How many wacky electrical events have to happen before I “get it”? Has skepticism been so engrained in my brain that I am unable to see the light for looking?